Thursday, November 22, 2018

Keep this plant to attract money at home, says Feng Shui

We all know about money plant and that it bring money & prosperity to its growers. Have you ever heard of something else which can bring prosperity? As per Feng Shui, there is another plant which can bring money and prosperity in no time…Interested to know? The plant is called Crassula.

We all know that we have to work hard to earn money but at times we feel that despite of us working hard we are always in financial crisis. Feng Shui says this plant can bring relief to such people. If you keep this plant at home, you can start noticing the effects within a weeks’ time as per Feng Shui. It may be interesting to know that most of the people who believe in Feng Shui would have this plant at their home.

A very easy plant to grow in households. It does not need water daily, just needs to be kept indoors. Most common Crassula plant would be crassula ovata and crassula campfire. The leaves of the plant are a bit thick and not very fragile. Use beautiful ceramic pots to keep the plant in your office or at home.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Why Do My Plants Get Yellow Leaves?

Plants have their seasonality and temperature tolerance. Seasonal plants would find it difficult to survive in opposite season than that of their own. Some of the plants will not survive in another season. Some plants will survive however will not bloom. Perennial plants however generally will have better tolerance and would be able to sail through all seasons easily. But sometimes despite of all your care, leaves do not stop turning yellow.

It happens mostly for the below reasons:

Moisture Imbalance

Moisture imbalance happens due to over watering or under watering. Check the soil of the plant regularly. If you notice it to be dry mostly, increase the watering frequency.  Similarly, check if you have been watering it more.


Sudden changes in the temperature conditions might result in yellowing the leaves. Check about the plant and its temperature tolerance levels. You can check it on as well. Adjust the environment for the plant if you can.

Light Conditions

Low light may also be a reason for your plant leaves to turn yellow. Adjust the light, keep the plant in more light and see the difference. Be careful to know the plant first as more light can turn the leaves brown.


Sometimes we are unable to understand plants fertilisation needs and keep giving fertilisers to the plants in order to make them grow fast which will might burn the plant and leaves may start turning yellow. Understand the time and needs of the plants and then only fertilise.

Soil and Pot Size

If the plant gets potted in an unsuitable soil, the leaves may turn yellow. Be careful while potting the plant. We generally think that any kind of soil is fine for the plants, however that is not the case. Understand the plant and its soil requirements and pot it accordingly. Also, if the pot is small, and the plant has overgrown the pot, change it to a bigger pot.

Bacterial Infection

Check your plant for bacterial infection and treat them with pesticides if need be. Check with your local Nursery person or send us your queries at we will be happy to assist you.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Is Cactus good for My Home?

Buy Cactus Succulents Plants Online In Delhi
Cactus are beautiful green plants with many of them falling in the category of succulents. The fascinating variety of cactus available with their difference in size, structure, and type of spikes is always a piece which completes the aesthetic puzzle of your home. In addition to that, their rare blooming flowers are a treat to the eyes. The availability of tremendous online platforms has answered our question of “where to buy succulents online?”  These platforms from which you can buy cactus plants online in delhi, they state that the demand of cactus has increased over the years with a massive increment due to their known relation with Feng Shui. Secondly, the availability of cactus plants at budget-friendly prices is becoming a new favourite for decorating the houses.

Earlier, the demand of Feng Shui was not so popular because its connection with Feng Shui was misinterpreted. Actually, cactus forms a significant part of the Chinese symbols which create positive energy inside the homes. The positioning of cactus according to Feng Shui enables welcome of positive energy because cactus emits Yin energy which is also visible from their succulent nature. Cactus plants bring positive Feng Shui in your home if they are rightly placed. The antiquated Feng Shui proposes utilizing indoor plants with delicate and round leaves. Lovely blooms of the cactus plants have the enchantment influence to enhance the quality of a home by pulling in wealth as well as energy for all the family. It is trusted that cactus can divert the negative vitality, follow their placement in the ‘fame and reputation quadrant’ which basically depends on what type of personality you have and how your interaction with the world is. The ‘fame and reputation quadrant’ relates to the fire component, the colours which fill in this space should be bright as per Feng Shui for the best results.

Unlike all the special care that has to be provided to the plants at home so that they keep blooming, cactus is a mess-free plant. You do not have to suffer from a humid environment just because your plants need moisture; cactus is a desert plant, its demand for water for growth is negligible. Even if you keep it indoors, sunlight for few hours suffices the need for its photosynthesis. Little care of these cute little indoor plants enables them to retain water, develop solid and sprout, to shower all the positive energy and wealth in your home. Angel Wings cactus is favourite among the residents for its pale yellow flowers and if you are thinking about the health benefits of cactus in your kitchen, then this species blooms with red fruits. Old Lady cactus looks like its name with a crown of pink flowers on the top of white hairs and spines.

If you are wondering where to buy cactus plants after knowing all the goodwill and charm which will be brought into your house with all these lovely cactus, let me tell you that your worries have to not travel all the way through the market to get your dose of satisfaction. Instead, there are websites from where you can buy succulents plants online. Buying cactus plants online is as easy as letting all the positive energy inside your houses with the mere right placement of cactus as per Feng Shui. At the click of your fingertips, you will find a plethora of cactus plants, all ready to be your little aid for a happy home and obviously, their work as the apt embellishments is just the best.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Best Fragrant Plants for My Balcony Garden in winters?

Winter time is the best time of the year. All we need to do is to stay inside the comfy and warm blanket and sip some hot tea. It is also the time of the year when some very beautiful flowers grow and spread their amazing fragrance. There is a wide variety of fragrant plants nursery in delhi.

You can also decorate your garden with some lovely flowers. Also these flowers have their own amazing smell which can surely refresh your mind and can make you feel happy. You can also buy cheap plants online in Gurgaon.

A winter garden can be a magical place with all the shiny berries, golden grasses and colourful stem. It can surely be different for each and every individual. For some fragrance might be more important while for some it might be the wide variety of them. There are lot of online plant nursery in Faridabad.

One thing is for sure that it will uplift your mood and will turn any bad day into a good day. One can also buy fragrant plants online in delhi.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing flowers:


One of my all-time favourites is wintersweet, Chimomanthus praecox, with its delicious yet sophisticated spicy smell, stronger in the species than in cultivars. Cut a few twigs and bring them indoors - the tiny yellow flowers with inner maroon streaks are waxy with essential oils and the fragrance will fill the whole room.

Nepalese Paper Plant

The increasing power of the sun in the New Year triggers many winter shrubs into bloom. One of my favourites is the Nepalese paper plant, Daphne bholua ‘Jacqueline Postill’, a medium- sized, evergreen shrub bearing clusters of highly fragrant, purplish-pink and white flowers in late winter. These are followed by attractive black berries.

Sweetest Honeysuckle

A favourite with the Eden outdoor gardening team is Lonicerafragrantissima, the winter-flowering honeysuckle or ‘sweetest honeysuckle’. Pairs of sweet honey-scented, creamy flowers bloom from winter into spring, often followed by red berries.


The only drawback to some of these wonderful plants is that they can look drab during the rest of year. The answer could be to plant them in containers so you can move them in and out of the limelight. However, one of the most dramatic exceptions to this is Mahonia, which looks great all year round.

Witch Hazel

The leafless branches of witch hazel, Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’ are adorned with spidery, coppery-orange flowers that fill the air with a delicate perfume. This is considered to be one of the best cultivars around today and has the added bonus of spectacular red and gold autumn colour.

Azores Jasmine

For intense fragrance, grow this jasmine. It typically flowers spring through fall, but tosses open blooms in winter, too, if growing conditions provide warmth and sun. Give it a spot near a southern-facing window.

Marino Blue Heliotrope

Vanilla honey describes the sweet scent of these pretty purple flowers. Plants flower year-round, and the blossoms are a sensory treat in the depth of winter.

One can use these amazing flowers to decorate their gardens. You can even plant them in your hallways and paths to decorate your house.

Friday, October 26, 2018

What are Creeper Plants? How to maintain them?

Growing plants in our surroundings not only beautifies the environment but also pleases the eyes of every passerby. Plants keep the environment clean and green. The importance of plants can be assumed from the fact that life wouldn't be possible without plants. They convert the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere into oxygen which is utilised by all the animals. The practice of growing plants in your household is not something new and has been prevalent since a very long time. Earlier people would travel to far off places to get the plants of their choice. Even nowadays interior decorators recommend going plants to enhance the beauty of our homes. With the development of e-commerce, it has now become possible to buy plants online with free delivery as the biggest plant nursery in faridabad has started its official website from where you can buy and a large variety of different plants which include both flowering and nonflowering plants as well as Creepers.

Buy Creeper Plants Online In Delhi
Creepers are a special variety of plants that are extremely sensitive and require some sort of support to grow. These are usually grown on the walls of the house ore used to decorate the arch. Creepers can also be grown at the base of the tree and these beautifully wrap themselves around the tree trunk. As Creepers usually grow vertically, they do not occupy a lot of space. Creepers can be both flowering and nonflowering. Creepers and climbers how to give a vintage look to your house and can be used to beautify your main entrance, fences, outer walls, balconies and terrace. It is very easy to buy creeper plants online in delhi as these are available in the biggest plant nursery in Faridabad. One of the major concerns of the people buying climber plants online is regarding the amount and type of care needed by the plants. However, you can get all the necessary information from the website of the best plant nursery in Faridabad.

Usually, creepers and climbers do not need a large amount of care but they do have certain needs which require frequent watering and proper sunlight.

Some of the most common types of climbers and creepers and their basic requirements are listed below:

Coral Pea (Kennedia retrorsa) - it is an evergreen plant found in the hues of crimson-purple. The plant grows to about 6 feet in height. It grows in heavy, well-drained soil and requires very little care.

Fraser Island Creeper (Tecomanthe hillii) - the plant grows to a height of about 10 feet. The flowers are usually pink and white in colour. Just like Coral Pea plants they also require heavy and well-drained soil.

Hybrid Tea Rose (Rosa 'Hybrid Tea') - the creeper has flowers in beautiful shapes of white, yellow, orange, peach, red, pink, crimson, mauve and purple which easily grab the attention of every passerby. The plant should be watered on regular basis and kept in direct sunlight.

Jackman's Clematis (Clematis 'Jackmanii') - the plant grows in moist soil and hence requires frequent watering. It grows to a height of about 3 feet and is found in beautiful shades of purple.

Chinese Trumpet Creeper (Campsis grandiflora) - it grows to the height of nearly 10 feet and is found in beautiful hues of orange and red. The plant has to be watered very carefully and should be given adequate sunlight.

There are many other such Creepers and climbers available at the biggest plant nursery in Delhi NCR and you can easily order them by the click of your finger.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Which Lucky Plants are best for My Home other than Lucky Bamboo?

The Asian culture is enriched with so fascinating stories and facts about everything that at the end of the day, it leaves us mesmerized. One such interesting story is the history of lucky plants. Through the path of Asian culture, the benefits of luck plants is laced with such a sense of belief plus, relief that it pushes us to bring some lucky plants in our home which not only provides the greenery and relief which we were looking from the polluted outdoors but it also adds mirth of prosperity and luck to our homes and when the culture itself has a fascinating history then why not bring it into our present.

Buy Lucky Bamboo Plants Online In Delhi NCR
Lucky plants have a great share in the part of Asian culture which deals with plants and flowers. The Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui throw light on how lucky plants can bring prosperity to our home. In the Chinese culture, lucky bamboo is considered to be a great factor for bringing prosperity and it has an amazing description of how the specific number of stalks, three stalks bring happiness, longevity and wealth. For wealth, five stalks should be placed. Six stalks are planted for luck and seven stalks bring good health. Eight stalks mean growth and 10 complete the circle.
All this goodwill from lucky plants and now you must be worrying that where can I get lucky plants from? What possible options do I have? Is lucky bamboo the only lucky plant? All your worries have solutions at platforms from which you can buy lucky plants online in delhi. There are a variety of options to choose your lucky plants other than lucky bamboo from best website to buy plants online which not only delivers in Delhi but also has services for NCR.
To the question of is lucky bamboo the only lucky plant and do I have any other options? No, and yes. Let me break it for you. Even though lucky bamboo has a beautiful history in Chinese culture but not to worry there is a variety of lucky plants which are beautiful and good for the home and their inclusion in your personal space elevates your good luck.
Hawaiian Ti plant has a stalk connection with specific goodwill characters just like the lucky bamboo plant. It has a rich Polynesian history, it is said to have mystical powers to bring good fortune. It is believed that is if a Hawaiian Ti plant is grown with two stalks then it doubles the luck and your chances of finding love also come easy. Hawaiian Ti plant is available in various beautiful colours at the best plant nursery in Faridabad.
One of the best online plant nursery in noida showcased their selection of lucky plants and we were surprised to see that basil was in the category. So, we did a little research to see how this important culinary herb which is enriched with antidepressant, antiseptic, antibiotic, and anti-repellant (to flies) properties and is a must for some Hindu households for their prayers is a lucky plant. Basil is planted to bring love, wealth, luck and beauty. Now isn't that a cherry on the top!
Other common plants which are lucky plants and we had the least idea about are lucky plants are jasmine and roses. Firstly, jasmine bears beautiful smelling flowers which leave a sweet fragrance in the area which it is grown in and as per the belief, it also helps in finding love and enhances the wealth. Coming to roses, it always a beauty to watch. Their potential uses are well known to everyone and for their usage as lucky plants, they bring healing and luck and attract love. So, if you find love, you can gift them your own home planted roses.
If you want to find love in your life or enhance the romance in your relationship then up plant beautiful orchids in your garden and potted orchids should be a part of your bedroom not only because they are a treat to the eyes and potential reason of romance but also scientifically, they release oxygen in the night. You can also grow money plant, shamrock plant, snake plant, jade plant, and rubber plant with their good luck in your balconies, terraces, and gardens.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

What Are The Best Flowers For My Garden If I Don’t Have Time To Nurture Them?

Our environment consists of various kinds of flora and fauna. What makes our surroundings beautiful and even more alive is the wide variety of flowers. We always try to have a small and beautiful garden no matter how tiny our place might be. Nature never upsets anyone; it brings peace and happiness around.

Gardening is a very nice hobby. It requires a lot of care just like a new born baby. You have to water the plants accordingly and look out for the best fertilizer. A garden needs to be take care of each and everyday. If you miss out on one day you can clearly see the consequences of it. There are a lot of options for best plants nursery in Gurgaon and you can also buy plants online with free delivery.

In this fast moving life where everyone is so busy and into their work, one hardly gets time for the garden. Since it is long process and requires a lot of labour so, it is better to switch to flowers which hardly require any nurturing .One can also buy flowering plants online in delhi. They can save a lot of time and also you can make your garden look good also.The strategy that you need to use here is plant,ignore and enjoy. You can also checkout the best flowering plants nursery in delhi and NCR.

Here is a list of some easy care flowers that can grow anywhere.

  • Gomphrena - it is also called globe flower. Gomphrena prefers full sun and tolerates drought very well.
  • Milkweed - this hardy perennial grows anywhere-it tolerates acid and dry soil.
  • Sunflower - they like full sun, and will tolerate poor, dry soil, so you can grow them even if you have neglected to get your soil tested.
  • Verbena - these are gem sized flowers and make beautiful borders along the front edge of a flowerbed or garden path. They are also great for outdoor planters.
  • Marigolds - they come in variety of shapes and heights and even wider range of colors. They like full son and will survive in hot, dry conditions.
  • Cleome - Also known as spider flower, it tolerates dry, droughty soil and even the worst bad days of summer.
  • Impatients - this flower doesn’t require sunlight. After planting, they will take off on their own with no effort on your part.
  • Blazing star - it is drought tolerant and accepts all types of soil.
  • India basil - commonly known as tulsi, growing this plant is no brainer. This plant has no of medicinal values. In addition it helps in purifying the air and improves the air quality.
  • Azaleas - they can grow in the bright spots and can help reduce formaldehyde levels fro, plywood and foam insulation.
Being a gardener or a gardening hobbyist, it is very important to know the right timings to grow different flowers. India is a land of colors and rich diversity. It is well reflected in the Indian gardens as well. The flowers mentioned above not only add on to the beauty of the garden but also save a lot of time and money.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Which Flowers Are Best For My Terrace Garden?

We all know the importance of plants in our environment and our life. Plants are one of the most beautiful parts of the earth that not only help keep the environment clean but also help to enhance the beauty of the surroundings. There are over million species of plants all over the world and all of these vary from each other in significant ways. The trend of growing plants in our homes is not something new and has prevailed over a very long time. Earlier people would travel to far off places to find the plants of their choice. Later on, with the development of plant nurseries, it became possible to find a large variety of plants to choose from, under a single roof. However, with the latest technological advancements which have led to the growth of e-commerce sector in India, the best plants nursery in Gurgaon has started a platform from where you can buy flowering plants online in delhi.

buy flowering plants online in delhi
Paudhewala is one of the best flowering plant nurseries in Delhi NCR from where you can buy plants online with free delivery. This has made it possible for people with a busy schedule, who are not able to take out time to go to plant nurseries personally and buy the plants of their choice, to choose from a wide range of plants just by the click of their finger. Growing outdoor and indoor plants is highly recommended by leading interior decorators and designers for enhancing the beauty of our homes. Even doctors recommend growing plants in your home to purify the surrounding environment which in turn helps to keep you healthy. Certain plants also have therapeutic properties which help to release stress and strain and the fragrance released by these plants help you to avoid the unnecessary expenses of buying artificial room fresheners.

The concept of terrace garden has become very popular nowadays and is the dream of every plant flower. Terrace Gardens help to enhance the overall look of your home and also help to grab the attention of every passerby. Imagine yourself, sitting on your terrace, on a cool summer evening, surrounded by a variety of beautiful plants and their fragrance. Doesn't it seem like the best way to spend your evenings? Of course, maintaining a terrace garden is not an easy task but it is not that difficult as well. A large variety of terrace plants are easily available in the leading flowering plant nursery in Delhi NCR. These plants are also available at their online site and that too at much cheaper rates.

Some of the most common terrace plants include The following:

Marigold- Marigold is the most common type of household plant found in the terrace of almost every plant lover. The flowers are very bright and it has a property of repelling pests. Marigold are usually low maintenance plants and do not require a lot of care making them the best choice.

Begonias- Begonias usually grow in light shade hence these should not be kept in direct sunlight. They Bloom constantly in summers thereby adding colour to your terrace garden.

Chrysanthemum- Commonly known as mums, these are the most common variety of flowering plants after roses. The plants have many varieties and are found in almost all the places of the world.

Pansy- Pansy is also a very common household plant that has a very beautiful and vibrant fragrance. The flowers are also very attractive and this can be grown and parts as well as window boxes.

Fuchsia- if you are looking for hanging plants for your terrace garden, Fuchsia is the best option as the plant can be easily grown in hanging baskets. The plants are shade loving and hence should be kept away from direct sunlight.

Ivy Geranium- Just like Pansies, these can also be grown in window boxes. The flowers are double-petaled and are suitable for both tropical as well as temperate climate. 

The list does not end here and there is still a wide range of plants apart from these that can help to beautify here terrace garden. Log into our website and enter the beautiful world of flora.

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